08 January 2006

Porter's 5 Forces Model


John said...

Thanks for this valubale blog dude. If you don't mind could you tell me what other industry analysis approaches are there other than Porter's 5 Forces Model?

Thanks in advance


siham said...

really good descritin. but i cant view the diagram.could you please email it to me?

Ahsan Kaleem said...

provide me with ur email address and i will email you the diagram.

Ahsan Kaleem said...

John you can use the PEST(LE) analysis or the SWOT analysis. If you are fimiliar with the product life-cycle then you can make a market life-cycle analysis.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could help me. I have to make (write) a presentation about the limitations of Porter's theory (Porter's Diamond), and am searching the internet. This is for my Masters' degree in Business and Economics.
Could you, maybe, help me with some urls (webpages) and some hints, as the given time is very limited. I am googling and googling (so I found your blog), but can't find the exact answers.
Thanks for your reply. Marija

Anonymous said...


could anyone help me with Porters Diamond Model please?

I mean, what exactly do I need to include in Report?

thnx ..