25 May 2005

Learning Online: Trump University's Way

Donald Trump - He's built buildings, written books, married models and starred in a reality TV show. Yesterday, Donald Trump announced his latest venture: Trump University.

The for-profit online university will not offer degrees or grades. Courses will cost $300 and will take one to two weeks to complete. It will consist of online courses, CD-ROMS, consulting services and Learning Annex-type seminars.

"In today's hyper-competitive business climate, the need for the highest quality education has become more crucial than ever," Trump said. "But people are looking beyond the traditional business education model, which involves hours in the classroom and relies primarily on book learning."

Students (or customers, as Trump University staffers refer to them) will be able to register for classes in marketing, real estate and entrepreneurship, with additional curriculum areas planned for the future.

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Salman Butt said...

Donald Trump....Nice to see him sharing his experince to ppl all over the world.

Infact thats a very good move by Mr.Donald to open an online university.Ofcourse there are many plus points of it as teahing is now at ur door, but something i have analysed is that this type of teaching is attracting the ppl who are busy with their jobs and bussiness and those who dont have too much time to go to any institution. What i feel is that a student of like 16-23 years of age may not be interested in this kind of education. They look for something real cuz this kind of university is a virtual university.

I am a computer science student and i do search and study many things on computer and i have analyzed one thing and that is , that to study or read something from the computer is too exhaustic as compared to traditional books. So what i feel that student not in the professional field might not take interest in it. But for sure it is a very very useful for the ppl who wanted to gain knowlege by saving their time.

So best of luck to Mr.Donald and i hope he will make his name in this feild as well, thanks.

Ahsan Kaleem said...

Thanks Salman for your post and your views on virtual teaching.
You are very much right about the positives people gain from such an initiative.
However after the negatives you pointed out such as staring at a screen which might damage eyesight as well as be exhausting, would agree that the positives are greater than the negatives?
Should this new innovative programme of online teaching be the future?

Salman Butt said...

Actaully Ahsan u r right that benifits of this virtual teaching is more than its negatives.

One thing i want to add is that its the psychology of the person that the understanding and learning of the person increases if it learns visually, i mean through videos and pictures and animations. As virtual teaching provides these facilities so i think the learning capability of the person can be increased by this as compared to the traditional books study.

I hope that this type of teaching will be the future of teaching!!!

Ahsan Kaleem said...

Well Salman, there are different ways a person learns more effectively.

Some people prefer to learn through ways such as reading, hearing and visual.

Therefore as you mentioned said visual means can be effective but only to certain people as every person is different to another and therefore prefers different ways to understand and learn things.