25 July 2005

Bangalore: Hot and Hotter

Technology plays a vital role in everyone's life may he/she be a student to an accountant. Where China dominates the manufacturing side of the business, India leads in the services industry of the world. To be more precise, Bangalore!

The silicon valley in Bangalore, India has been the talking point amongst techies as the haven for conducting technology based business.

Thomas L. Friedman in his article "Bangalore: Hot and Hotter" explores the importance Bangalore plays in todays globalising world.

Did you know that when China's prime minister, Wen Jiabao, visited India for the first time last April, he didn't fly into the capital, New Delhi - as foreign leaders usually do. He flew directly from Beijing to Bangalore - for a tech-tour - and then went on to New Delhi.

No U.S. president or vice president has ever visited Bangalore.

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