06 July 2005

Just a Thought

Over the past few days i have been thinking about the effects of informatin technology (IT) and the emergence of internet on students. As i was unable to get the full picture on how students have been affected, the idea of posting an article that might initiate in a public debate on this blog came about.

Well we can all agree that IT and the internet has provided us with lots of information for free of costs and therefore has enabled us to write great pieces of work, may they be homework, essays, dissertations or course works! They have also enabled us to learn agreat deal through alternative means.

However due to these technological breakthroughs the education systems have been on a decline. Once students used to do complicated calculations ( and still do in some parts of the world) single handedly! Now with the introduction of calculators and students have allowed themselves to rely on it so much that even simple calculations cannot be done without the use of calculators! Schools, Colleges and even Universities averages have been on a constant decline leading to grading criteria to be lowered over the years. Where once to achieve an 'A' grade used to be 90%, students are able to achieve this by getting 70% thesedays.

Above was just an example and im sure in some parts of the world my statement may not apply to. However, don't you agree that technology a powerful learning tool it may be, has also affected our minds to such an extent that it has lowered in some sence our education quantity as well as to some extent the quality levels?

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