06 July 2005

Tomorrow's Education

Technology has become a very important part of our lives. Therefore it is time that we adopt technology in order to promote education as well as use technological means such as blogs as an educational tool and part of the curriculum.

Getting adapted to technology seems to be the hardest part for us, however, this could be overcome by awareness and understanding.

What about adoption? What does it do?

- media literacy
- course information management
- make those lessons extend - getting people involved on other levels (great for shy people and could help them to open up)
- summarise readings so they can participate more in class
- give project info
- group blogging
- user-centred learning

What can you do to get your students to blog:

- use only one publishing tool
- subscribe to their blogs
- comment on their posts at least once a week
- minimum post size
- require comments - make them interact with each other
- have guided questions
- determine grading on quantity or quality

What does this all mean for education?

- technology transformation
- blended classrooms
- distributed learning is possible
- need increased focus on interdisciplinary work - tech not just for geeks, soft skills not just for humanities students

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